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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Join the Jerky Movement $5 off of $25

Take $5 off $25 when you use the discount code MYBJFIX at checkout.
We have become a society obsessed with flash dieting, exercise videos, and magic pills; but snacking on junk food still accounts for more than 20% of today’s average calorie intake.  It’s time to introduce something healthier for our bodies and begin a new movement— The Beef Jerky Movement… because, well, who doesn’t like a BJ fix anytime of the day?

Instead of reaching into your desk drawer, pocket, or glove compartment for something sinful, reach for a savory piece of beef.

Because it’s freakin’ delicious, low in fat, and fills you up.

So join the movement and ensure some jerky is readily available within arm distance at all times.

Offer ends Sunday, July 20th.

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